Mint-X Approved to Claim Raccoon Repellency!

College Point, NY – Mint-X Corporation is proud to announce that it has been approved to claim “Raccoon Repellency” by the US EPA. After years of preparation, testing, and documentation, the world’s only EPA registered Rodent Repellent Trash Bag is now Raccoon Repellent as well.

While there was never any doubt that Mint-X Trash Bags worked to repel raccoons, under the EPA guidelines, the trash bags had to be tested in a laboratory environment and proven to work against raccoons, as raccoons are a public health pest. The bags performed admirably, proving to be 100% effective against raccoons.

This is a huge day for Mint-X, the only EPA registered Rodent and Raccoon Repellent Trash Bag in the world. The image above will now become part of the Mint-X packaging that appears in retail stores, parks, schools, restaurants, and thousands of other properties around the country.

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